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Stay in touch with these great calling features

The best features to stay connected wherever you are. Vonage for Home includes over 25 features at no additional cost.

photo of 3 smartphones with the vonage app

Vonage® Extensions® App

Take Vonage wherever you go. Make and recieve calls on up to two smartphones.

  • Use your Vonage calling plan to make and take calls with your smartphone.

  • Know who’s calling – the app uses your smartphone’s contacts for caller ID

Stylized illustration of two phones and one is blocked

Selective Call Block

 It's never been easier to block calls with just the swipe of your finger!


    • Block calls using the Vonage Extensions® app or your online account.

  • Relax! Incoming calls from blocked numbers won’t ring your Vonage number or any phone linked to it.

    • Block and unblock numbers as much as you want.

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Vonage Voicemail Plus

Access voice messages via email, and much more.


    • Listen to your voicemails from any phone or your Vonage Online Account.

    • Set up and configure your visual voicemail service easily.

    • Stay on top of missed calls whilst on holiday or travelling.

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Enhanced Call Forwarding

Forward calls to any other number, even a mobile.


    • Configure it easily via your Vonage Online Account or by phone.

  • Included at no additional charge with any plan.

    • Turn it on and off easily.

    • Receive forwarded calls without the caller’s knowledge.

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Vonage® boomerang™

Whenever a selected contact calls, Vonage answers and asks that they hang up. Once they do, you’re both connected automatically with your Vonage number – at no charge to them!

    • Use the Vonage Extensions® App to select contacts you want to add to boomerang.

  • Have all phone charges applied to your Vonage account.

    • Use boomerangTM on smartphones or landlines, just like a normal call.

Stylized illustration of a bell peeling in many directions


Ring up to five additional phones at the same time – landlines, cellphones and smartphones – so you’ll be sure to catch critical calls.

    • Configure it easily via your Vonage Online Account.

    • Receive forwarded calls without the caller’s knowledge.

    • Forward calls to numbers anywhere in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico) and Canada.

Additional features

Add multiple phone lines to your account. 

Stops callers who block their Caller ID from ringing your phone. Anyone who dials you with a blocked Caller ID will receive a message that you don’t answer calls from unknown numbers.

Maintain great call quality even with poor internet connections.

Have up to five Vonage lines ring in sequence until your call finds you.

See who called and when, then return the call without having to dial the number.

Transfer calls to any number in the U.S., including Puerto Rico, and Canada while you’re on another call.

See who's calling when you’re on the other line.

See who's calling before you pick up the phone.

Keep your phone number private when you make calls.

Add a dedicated VoIP fax line and free up your home phone.

Have all your calls go straight to Vonage Voicemail Plus whenever you want.

Unlimited¹ Vonage-to-Vonage calls at no additional cost.

Block directory assistance and international calls.

Forward your calls to a number of your choice in case the power goes out.

Direct your incoming calls to the Vonage line(s) of your choice.

Add a third person to your phone conversation, anytime.

They call. You pay. Everybody’s happy. (Additional fee applies.) Learn more.

Friends and family far away? Get a Vonage Virtual Number in one of 22 countries so they can call you without incurring international long-distance rates. Learn more.

Manage your Vonage service from your smartphone or any computer.

  • 211 – Your connection to community services
  • 311 – Your local public information centre
  • 411 – Residential and business phone listings within the U.S., including Puerto Rico, and Canada
  • 511 – Timely travel information
  • 711 – Your state’s Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) so you can call any phone with a text phone (TTY)
  • 811 – Locate your city’s underground utility lines