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Virtual Number

Do you have friends and family who are far away? Get a Vonage Virtual Number in one of 22 countries so they can call you without incurring international long-distance rates.

This is a patented Vonage feature. View patent information.

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International calling for the cost of a local call.

Have family in the U.K. but live in Canada? Get a Virtual Number in the U.K. and they can call you in Canada simply by dialling your U.K. Virtual Number. Add more than one Virtual Number, regardless of the calling plan.

It’s an easy, affordable way to have them call you and save money.

$7.99 – $11.99 per month (plus taxes and fees), depending on country.

Easy to set up

Just log in to your Vonage Online Account and select the country and area code of your Virtual Number.

You can get a Virtual Number in these 22 countries:

Argentina $11.99         

Australia $7.99           

Brazil $11.99

Canada $7.99 

Chile $11.99     

Dominican Republic $7.99

France $9.99  

Greece $9.99

Ireland $11.99

Israel $7.99    

Italy $11.99      

Japan $11.99

Mexico $7.99 

New Zealand $7.99    

Panama $9.99

Peru $11.99     

Poland $11.99  

Puerto Rico $7.99

Romania $11.99           

Spain $11.99    

United Kingdom $7.99

United States $7.99