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Vonage Voicemail Plus is versatile voicemail

Vonage Voicemail Plus is an enhanced voicemail service that allows you to access voice messages via email, and much more.


With Vonage Voicemail Plus, you can check your messages wherever you are. Listen to your voicemail from any phone, or even from your Vonage Online Account. Voicemail Plus can also deliver voicemails to your email inbox in a convenient audio format. Plus, check out Vonage Visual Voicemail®, a convenient way to receive transcribed English or Spanish voicemails of up to one minute in an email or text message (message and data rates may apply).

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Listen on your phone, smartphone or computer

Listen to your voicemail messages from any phone or your Vonage Online Account. Your Voicemails are stored on Vonage servers, so you can access them from any internet connection or any phone. You can also have your Voicemails sent to an email account and save them on your own device.

Get your voicemail transcribed and sent to your email address or texted

Transcriptions of your Voicemails can be sent to your email address or texted to you. You can set this up in your Online Account depending on your plan. Text and message rates may apply.

Easy set-up

You can set up Voicemail Plus from your Online Account or by using your phone's keypad.