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For times when you cannot miss the call


SimulRing® can ring up to five additional phones at the same time—landlines, cells and smartphones—so you’ll be sure to catch critical incoming calls.

Vonage SimulRing®

The clever way to forward calls

Closing a big business deal? Waiting for a job offer? Baby on the way? SimulRing® will make sure you don’t miss that vital call. Just set your phone to ring on up to five other phones simultaneously, including cellphones, smartphones and landlines. And you can switch SimulRing on and off from any computer or smartphone.


  • Receive calls made to your home phone on up to five different phones, whether cellphones, smartphones or landlines.
  • Forward calls to numbers anywhere in the U.S., including Puerto Rico, and Canada.
  • Callers don’t know the call is forwarded.
  • Easy to configure—just log in to your Vonage Online Account.
  • Free with all plans.


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